Bengal Crafts was formed to promote the work of Bangladeshi artists by showcasing one of their Traditional Crafts - Nakshi design, Traditional Unique Design,  and other unique handi crafts, by Bangladeshi Artist . We are working to empower Bangladeshi crafts people, mostly women working from their homes, by supporting them in their efforts to attain a higher standard of living for their families. We seek to educate consumers about Nakshi design and other Bangladeshi Rural Styles,while allowing them the opportunity to support skilled artisans in our global community.

The Unique Handicrafts sold by Bengal Crafts are produced by crafts people in rural areas who have limited access to healthcare, education, and basic nutrition. Through the promotion and sale of Handicrafts in the World, Bengal Crafts helps Bangladeshi Artisans improve their options for a healthy life that so many citizens around the world can feel better, helping these great artisans in developing country - like Bangladesh.

Bengal Crafts is a new venture founded by passionate professionals living in Bangladesh, who are collaborating to promote a unique cultural art form and to support Bangladeshi Artists. Bengal Crafts plan to expand their offerings to consumers and to raise workplace practice standards by growing an organization based on the values of Fair Trade, which will eventually provide consistent benefits to communities across Golden Bangladesh.